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May 3, 2010

Be Our Guest?

Would you like to be on CONUNDRUMS TV to promote your book, DVD, web site or yourself? You can!

You are just three simple steps away from being our guest!

Step One. Since Conundrums is a television show our viewers need to see our guest! Therefore we need our guest to have Skype and a web camera / microphone so our viewers can see & hear you clearly. Skype is FREE to use and download, you can get it here. If you do not have a web camera or microphone, contact us about borrowing ours!*


Step Two. Along with Skype you will need a PC or Mac and a high speed internet connection, at least faster than dial up.
ISDN, DSL, Cable or even a T1 line is great.

Step Three. Contact us and request to be our guest! We are looking for interesting people in the paranormal field. Authors, researchers, producers, personalities, etc.
If you have something to say or you have a new book, DVD or experience we would enjoy having you as our guest! Our program is an informal discussion - interview show. You will also have the opportunity to talk about any products you sell or endorse. Our viewers will want to learn more about you and your expertise while you are our special guest!

This episode explains more about being a guest:

Tips to help you look good on TV!

check When setting up your web camera you should be at eye level, avoid placing the camera lower or higher than your eye line.

Eye Level
Low Angle Too High & too far away
check Correcting Framing.
X Camera too low & backlit..
X Camera too high & far away.

check Make sure you have adequate light in the room; you don’t want to be too dark or washed out. Check your image to insure you are clearly illuminated. Avoid sitting in front of a window or light as this may make the background bright and you will appear to be in the dark. Plus avoid dark backgrounds. A well lighted room is best.
You can position lamps in the room to cast an attractive light on yourself.
Dress up but avoid dark clothing.

check Frame yourself in the view of the camera from the chest up. You do not want to sit too far from the camera or too close. See the framing example above.

check If you have a headset with microphone feel free to use it, this way you can hear the host and yourself clearly. You can also use ear buds or a regular headset to hear clearly. We will do a “mic check” before the episode to insure the audience can hear you clearly. We may also have you adjust your camera.

check Turn off cell phones, close doors and make sure you will not be interrupted during the recording of the episode. This would be a good time to put pets outside. Interruptions can be cumbersome for you as well as the audience and production of the show.

check Finally, relax and enjoy being our guest! You may want to have a drink handy and any materials you want to reference during the show. Feel free to write yourself notes and have important thoughts written down to insure you do not forget to mention them. If you intend to mention a web site, write the web address down, these things can be hard to remember. But most of all have fun!

* Borrowing our camera or microphone.

In the event you do not have a web camera or microphone yet you meet all other requirements to use Skype, we have a “loaner” we can send you. The web cam comes with a built in microphone and works on any PC or MAC with at least Windows XP or later operating system, or G3 MAC or better. It will not work with Windows 95.

We send the camera via standard postal mail to anywhere within the USA by request. It takes about 7 days to arrive so we will need to know well before we schedule you as our guest that you require it. The camera will be sent with a postage paid envelope to send it back to us after the recording, on the honor system. This camera requires no drivers to install, simply plug it into your USB port on your computer and Skype will recognize it, and then turn it on. If for any reason it does not work we will have you return it and hope to interview you at some later date.
Contact Conundrums to see if you qualify for a loaner!

• The Focus Ring allows you to focus the cameras lens if needed, the camera will come to you pre-focused.
• The Microphone is built in and has a jack on the end of the camera cable that you insert into your computers microphone jack. Or use your own microphone.
• The base / Attachment clip allows you to sit the camera level on your monitor or clip it in place.
• The lights are optional in the event you need more light on your face. These lights can be bright or dim.
• The light controller wheel allows you to brighten or dim the three LED lights on the front of the camera, so you are clearly seen on camera. This cable has a USB connector you simply jack into the USB port on your computer.
• The unit will pivot easily so you can insure good framing.

This unit is small but packs superior video power, it is easy to use and simple to install, just plug it in!

Now, contact us to Be Our Guest!!!

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