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May 2, 2010

About The Host: Jay Michael

About the Host:

Jay Michael is an award winning veteran broadcaster with 19 years experience. He has produced event and wedding videography since the late 1980's. In addition to this he has also produced several special interest video titles and documentaries. Jay Michael maintains a blog for video producers and enthusiasts as well as administrates a professional network, Digital Video Professionals. With his DVD series "Mastering Movie Edit Pro" Jay educates new video producers in the art of video editing via his online community. His talent and creativity gained him the prestigious "MAGIXIAN of the Month" award from MAGIX™, the company that manufactures his video editing software. Jay has won the award twice.

In the paranormal field Jay has produced programs and documentaries on cryptozoology. In 2009 he produced UFOS 1973, a documentary about sightings and events in the seventies. This documentary won Best Abductee / Contactee Documentary from the UFO Congress Film Festival in 2010. Jay has conducted field investigations of bigfoot sightings and UFO reports as well. In 2007 he created a short mini-series for the web entitled "Conundrums". After 16 episodes the series stopped while he worked on larger projects. Now Conundrums has returned in the form of an interview show.

Though Jay Michael is the host he places focus on the guests of the show. As he says, "I'm just the guy that asks the questions." This new version of Conundrums was born out of a need for a platform new producers, authors, researchers and others could get exposure for their paranormal efforts. Jay interviews high profile guests as well as up and coming people in their field. Each show is an individual look at the guest and their work.

Though Conundrums is a podcast he refers to it as a netcast, because it is 'broadcast' on multiple internet video platforms. Unlike radio pod-casts, Conundrums allows the audience to see the guest and whatever items they may reference. This opens the program up to a far more entertaining forum and allows the audience to watch in comfort, much like a television show. Because the program is a half hour long it contains more information than a short podcast.

"Our focus is on the guest."

Conundrums is usually recorded on Monday night and is available to view by Thursday evening on the internet. This show is a combination of two of my interests, Video Production & Mysteries. "I place the guest front & center allowing them to talk about their interests." Conundrums is designed to be entertaining and informative. Conundrums has been called, "The Larry King Show" of the paranormal, something Jay finds descriptive but amusing.

Jay Michael is married and lives in Mississippi with his wife Edith. They have a dog, Ginger and enjoy camping, motorcycles, and traveling.

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