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Watch Us On Roku!

There are several ways to get CONUNDRUMS on your Television Set. Some folks just connect their computer to their HDTV and stream the program full screen to their entertainment center. That can be complicated if you are not tech savvy. Today there are a few set top boxes that deliver streaming video to your TV easily and with little fuss.

We recommend the Roku Box. It's small and easy to hook up. 

Here are three simple steps to get Conundrums on Roku streaming in full HD to your HDTV:

(A) Within Roku select the Channel Store. Add the FREE SUNIMI Channel. You will be given a code to add the channel and subscribe on The SUNIMI channel will appear on your Roku instantly.

(B) At locate the Conundrums program in the Educational section. Simply subscribe to Conundrums.

(C) When you return to the SUNIMI channel in your Roku, all episodes of Conundrums will be there to watch instantly! Each week as we upload new shows, they will be waiting for you to watch in your SUNIMI channel via ROKU as well. Just surf your ROKU and enjoy!

Also, if you have a Roku just add the SUNIMI channel, look in their Educational section and you'll find Conundrums there! You may also search in the channel for "Conundrums" and receive our programs directly from BLIP!
Plus you can also watch us on Boxee, AppleTV, GoogleTV, VodPod, and many more video outlets!

Setting up your ROKU is as easy as a VCR, and there's no clock to set! 

You can get zillions of other programs as well via ROKU! From Netflix movies to news, sports and podcasts!

You can also receive our LIVE Broadcasts on your Roku via the Ustream Channel!

• Go to Roku and log in.
• Enter Code: IN4DN and select Add Channel.
You have now added the Ustream channel to your Roku.
(If the channel does not show up on your Roku, enter the channel store and exit.)
On your Roku, go into the Ustream channel, in the "Live Now" section select the Search icon (Magnifying Glass) and search "Conundrums".
While we are broadcasting live, our program will show up in the search. Select Conundrums and watch LIVE!

 {Once you have added the Ustream channel you no longer have to go through these steps, just enter the Ustream channel on your Roku, search Conundrums and join us live each time we are broadcasting!}

Sit back, relax and watch Conundrums LIVE on your TV!

Here is a quick demo of the Roku player. They have added several new channels, including SUNIMI & BLIP.TV,  since this video was made.
NOTE: You do not need to have a Netflix account to use the Roku & get Conundrums, it's free.