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May 3, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Conundrums broadcast live?

No, we record the show on Wednesday evening, edit it and upload it for viewing by the weekend on our channel. We call our guest on Skype at a pre-determined time and conduct the show. The program is taped and edited later. If necessary to accommodate our guest we may record on a different evening. Recording time is usually 7pm Central unless other arrangements are made.

Can I have a friend with me on the show?

Sure, you can have them sit next to you so both of you are on camera. We prefer that you do not have anyone off camera with you unless necessary as they may be a distraction.

Can I show a web site or photo during the show?

Yes you can. You can hold up a photo, book, DVD or any item on camera to show the audience. If we reference a web site or digital photo during the show those visual items will need to be emailed to us so we may include them during the editing phase of the show. We insert them into the program so the audience gets a good long look. This is done post-recording and is nothing technical you need worry about. We simply need the digital image or web site URL.

Can I show a video during the program?

Yes you can. If it is on the web simply provide us the URL and we will record it from our studio to show on the program. If it is a file we will need the file to insert into the program later when editing. In most cases we will simply play the video while the show is recording and replace your Skype image with the video in real time. This is done on our end so you need not worry about any technical details. We will need to know before the show that you want to display a video and where it can be found on the web.

Is there a fee to be on your show?

No, we do not charge our guests, nor do we pay for interviews. We do retain all rights to the show and it's contents as well as the right to use your image to promote the show and display the interview. All programs are the property of JML Multimedia, the parent company that produces Conundrums and we own the copyright.

May I use the show I'm on, or link to the show to promote my product, expertise or self?

Yes you may. There are several ways to do this. You may use screen shots from the show of yourself. You may embed the show onto your web site or reference a URL back to the location of the show on the internet. We want you to get the most out of being our guest and we do not hinder you from using the show to promote that you were our guest, or use images from the show to further your prominence within your field. . You may also use screen shots of your appearance on the show in materials you use to promote yourself as well. However, you may not copy the show and sell it. Being a guest on Conundrums can be a promotional boost for you so feel free to utilize it

Is there a waiting list to be on the show?

Yes, once you contact us we begin the process of having you as our guest. We determine if you need anything to make the show possible, such as a web camera or microphone. If you already have and use a web camera we may conduct a test to see its performance. This is simply a call on Skype. We will conduct a conversation on Skype to get an idea of what the show will be about and your goals as our guest. Then we place you on our schedule and contact you before the interview.
If you already have a web camera and Skype you may be placed closer to the top of our guest list.
Also if your information is time sensitive, breaking news, or topically relevant you may be placed closer to the top of our guest list.

Do you ever have special shows?

Yes, Occasionally we may run a special show if the topic is breaking news, timely, or needs special attention. Specials will be recorded and broadcast in addition to our regular show. Occasionally a guest may be requested to be on the show in such an event. We also conduct a monthly "news' show.

What should I wear on the show?

Naturally we want you to look you best! Here are some tips for attire:
• Avoid t-shirts or dark clothing. For men you may prefer a sport or button up shirt, For women you may prefer something casual but "dressy"
• Avoid stripes. Clothing with stripes or check patterns may look busy on camera, solid colors are best.
• Hair, makeup and such should be done prior to your appearance, men should be well groomed. A good rule of thumb would be to dress as if you were going out on the town.

What if I'm nervous?

Being on a television show can be a wonderful experience, you are the star! It's perfectly natural to be a bit nervous and shy. You may want to have something to drink nearby and insure you have a comfortable chair to sit in. Think of the show as any social environment where you are talking to friends. Remember, the viewers want to watch you and hear what you have to say. No one is criticizing you. Just relax and be yourself.

Is Conundrums available to watch on Television?

Yes, we are broadcast via the SUNIMI channel on Roku. Learn more about SUNIMI & Conundrums here. The "Roku Box" is an internet streaming device that allows you to watch many internet based TV shows on your television. We are also available via RSS feed to MediaFly and on the Roku. Simply go to these channels and "add" Conundrums from their sites. Any other devices that also stream these channels will allow you to watch Conundrums on your television as well. Netflix is also available on Roku.
Conundrums is displayed on the Roku in HD, you may "surf" the episodes and watch them at your leisure. Roku has millions of subscribers and thus Conundrums is available to a much larger audience via this device!
Conundrums is also available on Boxee, GoogleTV, AppleTV, ITunes and many other video outlets giving the guest much more exposure!

Can I advertise on Conundrums?

Yes you can! We have reasonable rates to advertise on Conundrums and reach a larger audience with your paranormal product! You can purchase a single episode or a flight of several episodes. Run your own commercial, or we can create one for you! Advertise your web site, a personal appearance or anything you want to sell or promote. Contact us for details!

Got a question not answered here? Contact us.

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