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Jun 3, 2010

EP#5: Roswell, MJ-12, & UFOS; Stanton Friedman

Episode Five: Roswell, MJ-12, & UFOS with Stanton Friedman.
In this 48 minute episode we talk with Nuclear Physicist. Stanton Friedman. He is the original civilian investigator of the Roswell incident. He received his BSc. and MSc. Degrees in physics from the University of Chicago in 1955 and 1956. He was employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist by such companies as GE, GM, Westinghouse, TRW Systems, Aerojet General Nucleonics, and McDonnell Douglas. He has provided written testimony to Congressional Hearings, appeared twice at the UN, and been a pioneer in many aspects of ufology including Roswell, Majestic 12, The Betty Hill-Marjorie Fish star map work, analysis of the Delphos, Kansas, physical trace case, crashed saucers, flying saucer technology, and he has challenged S.E.T.I.

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Conundrums is a weekly talk/interview show featuring prominent people in the paranormal field. Topics include UFOS, Ghosts, Cryptozoology, Ancient Astronauts, and all aspects of the study. Conundrums is recorded on Monday night and 'airs' on or before Thursday evening. The program is available to watch on a multitude of distribution platforms.
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1 comment:

  1. ...stopping by the MEP Group and noticed the post for 'Conundrums'. Once I read the About for Conundrums I had to watch one of the episodes and I picked this one, EP#5. Pretty interesting listening to Mr. Friedman talk (especially since i know nothing of him)...btw, great interview Jay.

    The topic of the paranormal escapes many people, including myself...that was until I recently watched the entire 5 Episode piece of the History Channel show "Ancient Aliens". Now, the topic of UFO's, Ancient Astronauts, etc...has peaked my interest. Looking forward to the rest of the interviews.


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