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Sep 22, 2010

Ep#16: Abe DelRio; MNBRT; "Sasquatch Hunting In Iowa, Ohio, & Minnesota

Ep#16: Abe DelRio; MNBRT; "Sasquatch Hunting In Iowa, Ohio, & Minnesota

Abe DelRio is the founder of The Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team/ MN.B.R.T.,a group of like minded individuals that work together in proving the existence of Sasquatch/Bigfoot using the best method's known to work in calling these creatures in closer and using communication known to be used by the great ape's,

MNBRT collects evidence using scientific method's in hope of preserving what ever biological sample's or findings they come across.

Abe has his radio show on Blogtalk, broadcasting each Monday night where he interviews guests and discusses the various issues and topics regarding Sasquatch.

We apologize for the audio quality and framerate in this episode, we had a bandwidth issue while recording. Internet congestion.

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