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Nov 18, 2010

EP#21 Kim Carlsberg: Art of Close Encounters; Alien Abductions

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EP#21 Kim Carlsberg: Art of Close Encounters; Alien Abductions

Kim Carlsberg is a noted photographer, who has worked in Hollywood for years in the television and music industry. Her work has been displayed in publications like Rolling Stone and she worked on the set of Baywatch. In 1998, she formally added another item to her resume… alien abductee.

Since then, Kim struggled to comprehend all that she’s been through. In 1995, she published a book titled Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee, in which she explores what she’s personally learned and experienced with E.T.’s.
She claims that abduction is hereditary, and that she herself has given birth to many hybrid children, one of whom she named April.

Her next project has been a labor of love, and is fifteen years in the making. Finally available for pre-order, The Art of Close Encounters is presented as a coffee-table book comprised of art collected from many people who’ve shared the abduction experience that Kim has endured.
Kim describes the abduction experience to range from almost religious to being hellish. But she is quick to point out that she doesn’t consider the beings evil.

Kim's "Stop Alien Abduction" Facebook page is here.

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