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Oct 14, 2010

EP#18: Eric Altman; East Coast Bigfoot; UFOs; Cryptozoology

Eric Altman's interest in Bigfoot began at the age of 10. He spent most of his childhood reading books on Bigfoot, the paranormal and the unexplained. At the age of 14, Eric met Stan Gordon who would inspire him to become a Bigfoot field researcher.

He began active field research in 1997. In April 1999, Eric became a member of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. By January 2000, he was asked to become the Director of the PBS which he has held since.
Eric has over 29 years combined in researching and investigation the Bigfoot Phenomenon and field investigations. Eric also serves as the chairperson for the East Coast Bigfoot Conference.

As well as Bigfoot, Eric also investigates UFOs and other mysteries.

About Conundrums:
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