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Aug 11, 2010

EP#11: Jamie Maussan; Creature of Metepec; Mexico UFOS

The July 1991 solar eclipse, which passed over Mexico, was the beginning of a wave of mass UFO sightings lasting to the present day. Thousands of people across Mexico witnessed and video recorded night lights and daylight disks. Since then Jamie Maussan has compiled over 5,000 videos and photos from such eyewitnesses and has presented this information around the world.

Jaime has earned many awards for his films, radio and television shows both in North America and Europe and was the host of the Mexican version of "60 Minutes."

In this program Jamie Maussan talks about his own personal encounter, the Mexico UFO flap, The Creature of Metepec and more!
{Stay tuned toward the end of the program for UFO Footage never before seen on USA television.}

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